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Yahya Alnashri, MD, MPH (He/Him)
Association of Recovery in Higher Education
ARHE Research & Evaluation Lead

Staff Bio

Yahya Alnashri, an MD and MPH graduate from Johns Hopkins University, is currently deepening his expertise as a DrPH student in Health Policy and Organization at the UAB School of Public Health, focusing on Outcomes Research. Originating as a physician in Saudi Arabia, Yahya seamlessly merges clinical care with health policy in his influential research on urgent health issues such as HIV, HCV, and opioid overdose. His international collaborations underscore his far-reaching vision.

As an executive member of the Hajj Health Volunteering Program, Yahya has played a pivotal role in enhancing the health outcomes for pilgrims, reflecting his deep commitment and leadership in public and global health. His contributions were further spotlighted when he was honored with the First Place award in the Fakeeh Hospital Quality Improvement Project, underscoring his commitment to patient accessibility and safety.

Outside his intense professional life, Yahya immerses himself in simple pleasures-sipping coffee, adoring cats, and sharing in meme humor. His creativity echoes in his love for Arabic karaoke and masterful graphic design works. His altruistic heart shines through as he extends his hands in support of local animal shelters, ensuring they envision a brighter tomorrow.